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Why Refinance?

•      Lower  interest rates

When interest rates are low, refinancing your existing mortgage and switching to a better rate may save you a lot of money – possibly thousands of dollars per year. 

Perhaps your home is financed through a first and second mortgage. If so, reviewing your options to combine the two could also result in having more money left over at the end of each month. 

•      Pulling equity out of your home for debt consolidation, home improvements, a vacation, investments, children’s education, and more.

If you’ve built up equity in your home over the years, it often makes sense to refinance your mortgage to access that equity for things such as renovating your home, sending your kids to school, taking that dream vacation you’ve longed for or even buying your own vacation or rental property. 

•       Stabilizing payments by changing from a variable-rate mortgage to a fixed rate. 

This may be the perfect time to get off to a start fresh by refinancing your mortgage and locking in a historically low fixed interest rate!

Is NOW the right time to Refinance?

You will face a penalty for paying out your existing loan prior to the end of your mortgage term, but this may be offset by the extra money you could acquire through a refinance. 

We can help you calculate if now is a good time for you to refinance your existing mortgage.

Here are Some of the Other Mortgage Services We Provide:


•          Fixed Terms

•          Open and Closed Terms

•          Variable-Rate Mortgages

•          First-Time Buyers’ Program

•          Conventional Financing

•          High-Ratio Mortgages

•          Self-Employment Programs

•          Not-So-Perfect Credit


•          Second & Third Mortgages

•          Investment Properties

•          Vacation Properties

•          Home Equity Lines of Credit

•         Private Financing

We can help you decide what makes the most sense for your unique mortgage requirements.